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Massage Services


Here at the Peaceful Buddha Day Spa, our Nationally certified massage therapist will customize each individual's massage.  Every body part requires different pressure, so we do not break up the massage into individual types such as (Swedish, Deep tissue, Sports, and Neuromuscular).
Our therapists are trained in many different types of massage and will use appropriate pressure for each body part.


30min  $40
60min  $70
90min  $110
120min $150



Couples Massage

Our Couples Massage is a Unique Expierence not offered at most other Day Spas. Imagine both you and your loved one together in the same room, relaxing, while each enjoying one of our custom tailored massages designed for your specific needs. Great for any special occasion, or just as an escape from the rigors of everyday Stress. Let us take the two of you away on a 1 hour journey of Peace and Relaxation that will both, calm as well as rejuveate your mind and body.

60min $160


Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage will relax you and soften those tight muscles, while bringing you back to a more peaceful you. 

60min    $85



An ancient pressure point technique that will stimulate natural healing and promote well being.
Pressure is applied to specific points on the feet and hands that corresponds to reflex points on the body, opening blocked nerve pathways and flushing away toxins.

Hands   30min   $40
Feet     30min   $40